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You want to improve your skills in online blackjack ? Test the free blackjack ! Some players sometimes find it difficult to grasp the rules associated with online table games. This is why we invite you to discover, now, how this extraordinary game works !

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The best sites to play free blackjack

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The USA web brings together a plethora of gambling interfaces. Those online casinos generally offer blackjack, video poker or slot machines. Each site is generally specialized in one or more games. In the case of blackjack, we paid attention to the presence of different versions or live content in order to be able to establish our ranking. Here are the best platforms:

  • 1) 🥇 DublinBet : The interface in Irish colors is surely the most interesting there is for playing blackjack. The site offers a wide range of games offered both live and in classic format. You will find for example the following classics: Dublin Blackjack ™ or Power Blackjack ™;
  • 2) 🥈 Cresus Casino : a safe bet for users, the platform since 2013 offers a game library including many blackjack games. Blackjack Single Deck ™ or Blackjack Multi hand ™, you just have to choose from these popular titles;
  • 3) 🥉 Magical Spin : a site in 3rd place in this ranking, offering a panel of classic blackjack games, also coupled with a category of “live” content. An interesting interface that convinced us with its strength of proposal.

What exactly are the best games for free online blackjack? ?

Within the USA web, there are thousands of casino games available to all users. Among these contents, we will find blackjack. As with paying, the demo mode is offered in many formats and variants..

Diversified content that makes it possible to satisfy the profiles of players with different desires and tastes. Here we present the main modalities of free online blackjack that you will find on the net..

Multiplayer Free Online Blackjack Tournaments

Some users particularly like the idea of ​​playing while being surrounded. To meet the needs of these people, certain interfaces then developed free multiplayer blackjack. You join this space and can sit down next to other virtual participants, to play games without ever feeling alone. Multiplayer free online blackjack interfaces may not hit the streets, but you may still find some on the internet..

Free online blackjack with real dealers

You may know, it is possible on the internet to have fun against real dealers and conduct live blackjack games by following the actions of the host as they play against you in front of a camera. Unfortunately, we have to say that playing free blackjack and playing live are two incompatible modes. Live games are indeed reserved for real sessions.

The best software for free blackjack games without downloading

Apart from live entertainment, all types of entertainment based on automatic draws are sometimes offered free of charge. Yet not all publishers who put together these products are created equal. Some are indeed more famous than others and develop usable options without any download and also without paying. Among the most reputable suppliers in this field, we can cite:

  • NetEnt
  • Play'n GO
  • Microgaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • 1X2 Gaming ...

The advantages of free online blackjack

"Why would I waste my time with free online blackjack? I'm not gonna win anything ! "

That phrase, you've probably already thought about it, haven't you? However, be aware that this mode offers a number of advantages whether you are a beginner or an expert. We have written a small outline of the various advantages of this mode:

  • & # x1F9E0; Training : like any game, perseverance and understanding are the keys to success. However, in this case, the free workouts are a perfect warm-up session necessary for learning this online game;
  • & # x1f4d1; Use of strategies : you are a fine strategist, however, you want to take the time to apply your tricks, this option is for you! Try, fail, start over, take your time to be the best;
  • & # x1F0CF; Application of blackjack rules : blackjack in its free variant allows you in particular to correctly understand how the game works. You can then try to maximize your wins by playing in "real money" "format;
  • & # x1f50e; To discover the games : There are hundreds of different blackjack games offered on the web. The demo mode allows you to discover each of the titles offered by the publishers. A good way to find your rare pearl and get used to how the chosen title works;
  • & # x1F4F1; Mobile use : Entertainment in fun mode is often compatible with smartphones and tablets. Thus, you can train or just have fun without stress wherever you are, thanks to products adapted to these supports;
  • & # x1F4AF; Pleasure : Of course, it's not just the quest for profit that can motivate you in your willingness to gamble. Fun is also a factor to consider for all users who want to have a good time on a game they love..

Competitor, strategist or hedonist, you are surely among these three categories of users. We therefore give you the opportunity to discover for yourself your motivations for winning your first game at the free blackjack games !

The best sites to play free blackjack

CasinoBonusPlayer ReviewsPlay Now
Cresus Casino $300
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Lucky 31 150$
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Unique Casino $200+ 20 Free Spins
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Reminder of the rules for playing the game of free blackjack

Of course, the primary motivation for users to play a game without spending on a free game of blackjack will be the idea of ​​practicing. Objective number 1 is indeed for customers to learn to master how this entertainment works. We present here a small paragraph which will allow you to remember this and to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary to be used on the tables..

The basic elements

Before playing free online blackjack, here is a quick reminder of how the game works in this universe. Beginner or curious, here is your guide:

  • The aim of the game : each player receives two cards, you have the possibility to draw an additional card each turn. Your goal is to get as close as possible to the number 21 without NEVER going beyond it;
  • Your opponent : it is the croupier, the bank or the "dealer" in the language of Shakespeare. The latter represents the casino, he will do everything to prevent you from winning your bet. It must be at least 17 points. This rule requires you to always shoot more and probably to exceed 21;
  • Your allies : other users! They play with you, their goal is also to beat the bank and get as close as possible to the number 21;
  • Classic actions to perform : pull, stay, separate, it's that easy. You can get closer to the number 21 by drawing a new card. You are free to play it safe while waiting to see the dealer exceed the number 21. Finally, you can double your investment by receiving a single and last card during the relevant round;
  • Secondary actions : separate your cards and play on two separate games. Insure yourself against probable blackjack by letting it know. Finally, you have the option to give up and lose half of your investment if you feel lost !

Free Online Blackjack Vocabulary

Before moving on to free blackjack games, USA or USA-speaking customers in general will need to master a certain vocabulary that has nothing to do with, for example, that of poker. Read the following few things before you test your game knowledge:

  • Split: when the croupier deals a pair to the player, the latter can separate it into two distinct hands, and thus play two games at the same time;
  • Double up: if you feel you have the advantage, then you can double your investment and thus boost your income if you win;
  • To stay: when the situation is right for you as it is because your outcome is optimal, then you have nothing more to do and stay in the game;
  • To give up: when your point total is not satisfactory but shooting again could jeopardize you, you can simply abandon the table and recover half of your investment;
  • Assurance : when the bank gets an ace, it has more possibilities of making a natural. The house then offers to take out insurance by paying an additional sum to obtain a reimbursement if this should happen and if you should therefore lose;
  • Counting: although prohibited in casinos in Vegas and elsewhere, as well as on the net, this strategy consists of anticipating the value of the next draws in order to assess the chance of winning the hand.

Of course, many other words will gradually enrich this glossary. This is only the beginning of your adventure in this universe ...

The most common variations of free blackjack

Like all casino games offered on the web, free blackjack comes in different types. These titles generally incorporate different rules and allow registrants to diversify their game, or even to discover different worlds. The "black jack" incorporates a little over twenty different types of content. Varieties of games that we have chosen to detail here.

The Spanish 21

The Spanish modality of this race to 21 offers many differences compared to classic blackjack. Indeed, the "10" cards have been removed from the game. This situation is unfavorable for the player who is deprived of an additional possibility of reaching the number "21".

A disadvantage which is overcome here by the possibility of playing in the company of a progressive jackpot. Sometimes a jackpot of this type allows you to win a little over $5,000. A jackpot that can be unlocked at any time by users.

Blackjack Royal Match

Royal Match blackjack offers users the opportunity to bet on the suit of the first two cards rolled. This condition allows a player to attempt to win more funds by betting the sum of your choice on this possibility.

A gain of this type could in particular allow a user to strengthen his confidence and then bet on the other cards to come..

Classic Blackjack

It's impossible to summarize all the variations without going through the classic of this game. The classic blackjack played in land-based casinos is indeed available at the virtual casino of your choice. To classic game which will delight the fanatics of the first hour !

Blackjack 6: 5

This variant is played with a single 52 card shoe. For the more strategic among you, this option integrating a single deck allows you to counting cards in blackjack much more easily. Indeed, since casinos generally use 5 or 6 game decks, the latter is relatively advantageous for strategists using mathematical tricks..

Blackjack Over / Under 13

This version of the game allows you to bet on your first two cards distributed by the croupier. A bet that must be made before the distribution of all the cards. This extra bet can be risky, however, it may allow you to win more with the help of a well-placed bet..

Blackjack Red / Black

By playing on this variant, you have the possibility of bet on the suit of your first two cards. A bet which, like the Over / Under 13, must be made before the distribution of cards. A profitable game that allows players to win relatively interesting winnings.

Live Blackjack

This game is opposed to automatic draw machines since here the participant has the chance to play in front of a real animator, on an interface that takes you back to an atmosphere worthy of Vegas. So you follow the game live, but let's say it already, you will not be able to practice without spending some techniques such as counting the total remaining in the pack for example.

Why not? Because this version is only offered in real life. You must therefore create an account on a virtual gaming site and make a deposit to access live sessions..

American Blackjack

The American variant of blackjack is also one of our favorites. A variant incorporating two visible cards, perfectly well developed by the international publisher: Betsoft. One of the peculiarities of this game is that it is quite possible to take out insurance, but it is also found on other.

The Pontoon

Here, the Pontoon, that is to say an Ace + 10 combination pays 2 to 1. You can also do a maximum of two splits. A bet with 5 cards that does not cause a burst wins against all other hands on the table, except the Pontoon which is the ultimate combination. As you can imagine, prepare yourself by going through free modes before testing this game by making a deposit.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive is one of the options that users love, because for an investment of one euro, they can try to win a share of the jackpot. The more aces you get in your hand, the bigger you win, knowing that you unlock the pot with 4 aces of the same suit.

Blackjack Switch

Here you have the possibility to change the second card if you don't like it. The downside, however, is that a natural pays only 1: 1. So it's up to you to see if the Switch is for you, or if you prefer something else.

Atlantic City Blackjack

The main peculiarity of this mode of play is that the croupier can draw a new card when his score is 17. See if this interests you by trying a few games in our demo area.

Tips and strategies to make it easier to win at free blackjack

To achieve a chain of victories, there is some very simple techniques that must be followed. While these will not be revolutionary, they can be used as guidelines during your sessions. Here are some tips from our team:

  • The absolute advice is to always start with free blackjack before making a deposit, in order to test your knowledge of how the game works and each strategy;
  • When you leave the free versions for real, also remember to select an establishment offering a beautiful no deposit casino bonus. We have a list of them on our site;
  • Choose entertainment where the house advantage will be less, such as Single Deck;
  • Do not choose to take out insurance because it is ultimately against you;
  • Memorize the most judicious actions to take according to what you have in your hands in order to maximize your advantage;
  • Do not duplicate your technique on those of the croupiers;
  • Only separate your peers when it makes sense, as shown in the table in our guide.

The advantages of free online blackjack in multiplayer mode ?

We have seen it through this special report, your free games will give you access to many advantages. In particular, free online blackjack allows you to test your knowledge of rules and strategies to win more often, but you can also simulate realistic conditions by joining multiplayer spaces.

The non-paid versions allow you to have fun without ever stressing out, since you can't lose your personal investment, but those with multiple users have the advantage of putting you in contact with people. You can even sometimes interact via a chat.

In this modality too, you will be able to explore all the options of the game before going live and activating a bonus in the process. On the free option, you have indeed familiarized yourself with how each variant works, you may have been able to try what the products look like on a smartphone or tablet, etc. It is therefore the ideal solution to improve your skills, while feeling supported !

Faq: answers to your questions about online blackjack without money

& # x1f48e; Can we play all versions of blackjack for free? ?

It is, in fact, possible to play the European, American and other versions without spending. Many different versions are available to you for free and usually without any registration.

& # x1f4b0; Does Free Blackjack Win Real Money ?

Online blackjack without cash is not a winning option. However, if you want to pocket real winnings, you can spend by paying and take advantage of bonuses to pocket real money..

& # x1f3c5; What are the best sites to play blackjack for free ?

There are many sites that offer blackjack. Here is our selection to play without paying:

  • Extra Casino
  • Azur Casino
  • Lucky31
  • Lucky8
  • Cresus Casino.

& # x1f4f2; Is there a mobile version for free blackjack ?

Typically, operators offer a lot of playable entertainment on a mobile version. This option is part of it and guarantees you adaptability on a smartphone..

& # x1f4dd; Do you have to register and provide your personal data to play for free? ?

On most casino sites, it is not mandatory to register to be able to play for free. Be aware that in the event that you register, the gaming platforms do not communicate the personal data of users.

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