Blackjack rule: The basic rules for starting and securing

Blackjack rules

Now is the time to take a seat at a blackjack table! The goal of the game is simple, you have to beat the croupier by getting two cards that are worth more than his. Note that the rules of casino blackjack apply to all variations of online blackjack. So, ready to become an expert !

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The aim of the game - black jack rule

This game is also considered one of the highest paying table games in the casino. You may have seen your father figure have fun on this gambling game that has been around for a long time. Without presenting the blackjack rule to you, blackjack has for goal to reach 21.

Explanations: each card corresponds to a value and the score of your cards must not exceed 21. Each player plays independently against the bank. As with every card game, there is a strategy to this game: not to counter another player like in poker.

Strategies have developed around this game with the aim of beating the banker. A shoe contains 1 to 8 decks of 52 cards. Around the mat, 1 to 7 players can be present while 3 people can bet on the same square (only the one who is seated can make the decisions).

In order to place your initial bet at the right time to pocket the jackpot, check out our full explanation basic blackjack rules.

From the value of the cards to the execution of each turn before delving into our guide to strategies like counting blackjack, you will know everything to hope to win your game and get a nice payout. !

Card value - blackjack rule

Tea card value is the basis of the game of blackjack not for the strategy but it is important to know the values ​​to then decide the actions you are going to perform and not to exceed the sum of 21.

Casino games often seen in James Bond, this game is often related to Poker. The goal here is to count the cards you find in front of you. There is a strategy at this step, but one that you should see after learning the rules.

CardsPoint value
From 2 to 9The number of points equals the number on the card. Example: the 2 of diamonds = 2 points.
10, Jack / Queen / King10 points.
AcePlayer's choice: 1 or 11 points.

Blackjack rules on a table

Like most casino tables in USA, the croupier (also called the banker or the house) faces the players. You will find on the players' side boxes or areas that can be symbolized by rectangles or ovals (depending on the table).

In these boxes, you will find the cards of each player as well as their stakes. For a land-based version of casinos, the rule is that a maximum of 3 players can be on a square, but only the one who is seated can perform an action on the game..

For the online version of blackjack, the number of players at a table may vary depending on the game chosen. In blackjack rules generally there are 7 players around a table. No one can prevent you from having several pe

people behind the same screen.

Blackjack rules: the possible bets

With this game, the bets will always be framed. You will always find posted at a table the minimum bet amount and maximum bet amount. These are the black jack rules. No need to explain to you that you will not be able to bet below the minimum bet and not bet above the maximum bet..

Note that these limits may change. You will of course be informed, but the reason is only very rarely communicated.

Unlike games like roulette or video poker, the better ones will tell you, there are certain situations where it is better, for example, not to roll or directly give up. Tea possible blackjack bets are: draw a card, stay, double, split, insurance or surrender.

Blackjack hands

Here are the different types of hands you can have in blackjack depending on the blackjack rules:

  • Blackjack : You get 21. If you have an ace (it's worth 1 or 11 points) and a card worth 10;
  • Peer : You have two identical cards. You can split them into two separate hands and thus have a double bet.
  • Rigid hand : You get 15. If you have 2 cards + an ace worth 1 point.
  • Flexible hand : You get 15. If you have 2 cards + an ace worth 11 point.

How to play blackjack: the flow of the game

Here are the steps of the game if you want to know how to play blackjack. The games are relatively fast as you will see.

The distribution

The dealing of cards by the dealer is the trigger for the game. You must as well place your bet in your allocated space, before the dealer gives you the first two cards.

Indeed, the banker starts the game of blackjack by distributing two cards to each player, that everyone can see (unlike poker). In last position, the dealer also deals two cards to start the game: one face up and one face down! What sounds the start of the game.

Therefore, the player's goal is toget blackjack, that is, a total of two cards that equals the number 21. If from this distribution, you get this number, you immediately win the multiplication of your stake. If none of the players have blackjack, and the bank has an Ace on the first deal: then you can place insurance (see definition of this action below).

Possible actions and options

After receiving your two cards, and once all the first blackjack have been paid, the game is on. Usually it is the player who is furthest to the left of the starting table and who tells the dealer what he wants to do. You then have 6 possible actions in the blackjack rules:

  • You can Sweater an additional card from the shoe to get you closer to the score of 21, but be careful not to exceed this amount at the risk of losing your bet.
  • You can to stay, that is, your hand is right for you.
  • You can double, either multiply your money bet by two in exchange for an additional card (some casinos, such as often in USA or Las Vegas, only offer this function if your first two cards are worth 9, 10 or 11 points).
  • You can to share : your hand in two separate (or split) if your cards are a pair. With this option, in the event of a sum equivalent to the number 21, you will not be able to play a blackjack since it will not have been designed from the two initial cards..
  • You can take a assurance : if you notice that the dealer's visible card is an Ace. Thus, you gain the advantage on a possible blackjack of the dealer on your second round by betting half of your initial bet (i.e. doubling your bet) thanks to the insurance. In the rule of blackjack You then win when the dealer reveals his hidden card and if he has a 10 or one of the figures (jack, queen or king). While you lose if the banker shows you a lower card.
  • Finally, you can also to give up : in case of abandonment, the game this option will make you lose half of your first bet.

If you don't feel comfortable in your first few games, you can use the blackjack board to guide you on the bets to be made according to your cards.

The dealer's turn !

As a result of the actions of all players, the dealer (the house) decides whether to draw a card or to stay. Therefore, the dealer will reveal his second card to announce the winners :

  • You will win if the bank exceeds the number 21 (all players still in the race win).
  • You will win if the sum of your cards exceeds that of the dealer.
  • You will see your stake refunded in the event of a tie.
  • You will lose if you go over 21 or when the dealer has more points total than yours.

As a result, a game of blackjack 21 can be very quick since once the winnings have been paid the dealer can immediately restart a new game, dealing new cards! Usually, the games are linked, you won't have to wait long to play your second game..

You can also try your luck on a game of chance like slot machines or try to find the right numbers on roulette..

Blackjack rules in video

Find the explanations on the black jack rule in video with Little flo in 8 minutes! You will also be able to see how a game of blackjack goes..

The most of the online versions of blackjack

By playing at an online casino, you will remain limited to 7 players as well as the dealer. You get online bonus which can have a tremendous effect in learning and applying blackjack rules. Yes, there is not only the sign-up bonus, the bonuses are distributed throughout your games.

Regarding the value of the cards, the rule remains the same for all casinos: do not exceed 21. However, you will be able to test variations of the games..

Thanks to this online card game, you will be able to access an impressive number of variations. It would have been very complicated at the physical casino since there are not dozens or even hundreds of tables available to play blackjack like on the online platforms. !

In particular, you can place your tokens on:

  • Blackjack 6: 5: it is played with a 52-card shoe only to increase your chances;
  • Blackjack Switch: you will be able to play with two hands at the same time while having the possibility of exchanging the second card of each of the hands;
  • Blackjack Surrender: it is possible in this variant to give up his hand against half of your betting chips;
  • Super 21: a single shoe of 52 cards with the possibility of receiving numerous bonuses during the game;
  • Blackjack Royal Match: this variant proposes to bet on the suit of the first two cards, a bonus can be touched if these first cards are a king and a queen of the same suit;
  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack: again this is a variant where you can bet on the first two cards. This time they must be of the same rank and the same color to win 25 times his bet..

You will be able to discover these variations thanks to “Free Games”, or free games, available in most of our partner casinos. No need to risk your balance to test these many games of free blackjack available online !

Strategies you can use in blackjack

To be successful at blackjack and play like a pro, there are several strategies. On Blackjack-France, you can find expert advice on the game so that you can put the odds in your favor against the croupiers. Playing and succeeding at blackjack cannot be invented, you have to learn real strategies.

Here are the main strategies:

  • Counting cards in blackjack : it is undoubtedly the most famous technique, one finds it in particular in the film Las Vegas 21;
  • The technique of True Count Blackjack : in USA, “precise account” which allows you to count exactly the chances you have of winning a game;
  • Basic strategy: this method works thanks to blackjack board. It allows you to make the best decisions based on your hand.

You will be able to achieve very nice moves thanks to these strategies. It is not easy to learn them, which is why you have to approach experts and practice for hours to assimilate them.

Answers to frequently asked questions

& # x1f9d0; Are the rules of blackjack difficult to understand ?

The rules may seem complex, but in reality the objective of blackjack is quite simple: get 21 or less. On each turn, the player must decide whether to leave the game or continue to bet. To get 21, a value is assigned to each card.

& # x1f9d0; How is the game of blackjack? ?

  • 1. It's up to you : the betting limits are indicated to you and you cannot exceed them.
  • 2. The croupier deals : two cards to each player will be given.
  • 3. Your turn : depending on your two cards, you can decide to quit or bet again.

& # x1f9d0; What are blackjack bets and when to place them ?

When placing a bet, you will therefore have the choice between different options:

  • To sweater : receive an additional card.
  • To stay : you do not bet more or draw another card.
  • Double : double your starting bet and get an additional card.
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Want to become a blackjack champion ?

Check out our complete guide to winning each of your bets:

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