Blackjack table: presentation of the table and its surrounding elements

Blackjack table

To get started with blackjack, consider familiarizing yourself with the required equipment. For the good progress of the game, the casinos are organized according to very distinct codes, like the operations of the croupier or the setting up of the table. This guide also allows you to organize a game of blackjack at home..

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The cards

First, let's begin our review of essential blackjack hardware with arguably one item you will never miss: the card deck. So you noticed, cards are essential in blackjack! Therefore, you will need to obtain several packs of 52 cards. Depending on the variations of blackjack, a casino dealer uses between 8 and 6 decks of cards. In fact, early versions of the game only needed one package to win you !

The game table

If you want to play blackjack at home, you will need to get a game mat that has all the markings essential for the smooth running of the game such as the boxes to bet. In felt, velor or wool, there are different mats that can give you a successful game of blackjack. !

On the contrary, if you prefer to have fun in a casino, you will have to understand the gaming table, which is not, however, complicated to analyze. Depending on tables that cannot accommodate a maximum of 7 players, you will find 7 " spots Which are boxes where players will be able to place their bets. Otherwise, you will probably observe:

  • Tea Bank or the cash register: this is the place where the winnings intended for the players will be stored. These chips, positioned just in front of the dealer, will be counted at the end of the game and distributed among the winners..
  • tea hoof : this is a box that holds all the playing cards, but is sometimes replaced by the automatic shuffle. Usually the shoe can hold 312 cards.
  • tea rack : the discard rack allows you to collect cards already played which are sometimes called "burnt cards".
  • Tea tip slot : intended to receive the tip that the players can offer to the croupier.

Of course, to manage the course of the game, you will necessarily have to deal with a croupier, otherwise called the "dealer". Although it cannot be counted in the hardware category, the dealer will be a factor to consider when you first start playing blackjack..


These tokens represent the payment method used by the gambling establishment. Circular, they also have different colors depending on their real money value. For example, white or gray tokens entitle you to $1, unlike orange ones, which can represent $5,000. Play Now blackjack at home, there are different types of chips, whether plastic, composite or clay..

Card mixers

These mechanics were introduced to blackjack table casinos in the early 2000s, with the goal of continuously shuffling the cards. Often seen as cheating tools that can benefit the establishment, automatic mixers (or CSMs) are much less used today.

And to play blackjack online ?

While you have just figured out all of the materials needed to play blackjack at a land-based casino, what about playing online? We can certify it to you, you will only need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection! Of course, to go further, don't hesitate to pick up online guides on how to learn how to play, as well as a summary of tips for winning blackjack. Do not forget either, our list which direct you to practice online and which will undoubtedly make you win the jackpot !

You want to know everything about the game of blackjack ?

Here is a complete guide that will teach you all the basics to get started, but also some basic skills to get you started:

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