Blackjack history: the 3 key moments of blackjack

Blackjack history

The most famous card game is nothing new! To get off to a good start and soak up the world of fabulous card game, it is interesting to understand the history of blackjack. By having all the secrets of blackjack in your hands, would you be the next winner? ?

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From the origin of blackjack

From its origins in the 18th century, to the present day in land-based and online casinos, blackjack has a history rich in twists and turns! Discover all its challenges, but also the evolution of the practice to this day, in order to answer all the questions that come to your mind! We are not going to lie to you, it is very difficult to trace the earliest traces of blackjack in the cultural history of any continent. According to some experts, it seems that the card game you know was inspired by two other known practices of the 18th century in USA: the railway and the french farm. Through this, we were able to discover the beginnings of blackjack in Parisian casinos, through a game called "Twenty-one". With a different rule from the current practice, the 21st had the distinction of seeing a dealer who had the right to double down, while there was also a betting round between the dealing of cards. Like this USA game, the Spaniards also invented a similar card game, called the 31 !

The American dream

It was subsequently in the 19th century, in the baggage of immigrants from Europe, that the game of 21 crossed the Atlantic to settle in the United States. With a crash landing in Las Vegas, this card game became legal in the state of Nevada, but did not meet with the expected success. Indeed, at this time, other casino games had reached their popular peak such as roulette or even craps! Confident in themselves, the owners of gambling establishments decided to democratize the 21st by introducing new rules, including a bonus system. Attractive for players, this new formula favored obtaining the number 21 with an ace of spades or a black jack since the casino then multiplied the bet by 10. Besides, did you know that "black jack" in English, says to himself " black jack " ?

The call of science

The great turning point in blackjack history dates back to the 1950s when Roger Baldwin applied statistical theory to find a method of calculating cards in order to decrease the casino's advantage. However, it was in 1962 that this technique was further developed by a mathematician named Edward O. Thorp. The latter publishes a work entitled " Beat the dealer "Or to francize:" Beat the croupier "in order to develop a card count to win against the gambling establishment.

With this infallible system, the casinos then decided to modify the rules of blackjack in order to maintain their advantage over the player. Today, therefore, we find the legacy of Thorp's work since casinos still have automatic card mixers and several decks of cards in the shoe. Despite rumors of an effective card counting technique that still remains, blackjack attracts players from all over the world, both in land based establishments and in online casinos.

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