The story and the 3 rumors about continuous card shufflers !


In addition to the emergence of card counting techniques, a device has appeared in casinos that feature the game of blackjack: the continuous card shuffler! Otherwise called the CSM (diminutive of Continuous Shuffle Machine), it turns out that these innovations are not to the taste of players.

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The CSMs, but still ?

What does a continuous card shuffler look like? Don't worry, you will surely notice it very easily on a gaming table! In fact, it is a case that has an electronic system allowing the cards to be automatically shuffled, without any action from the croupier. Blackjack enthusiasts blame these machines for degrading the atmosphere between players, for devaluing the role of the dealer, but above all, they suspect the creators of the CSMs of incorporating a cheating system. To be informed of all the essential concepts surrounding blackjack, discover the stakes of such a mechanism and all the information relating to CSM !

With the use of an automatic mixer, blackjack no longer has the distinction of being a no-rebate game. That is, we do not shuffle the cards between a turn, but when the shoe is emptied. Moreover, this feature of the game has enabled many studies on the statistics and probabilities that have stimulated card counting by players. It could then be said that, being a game without discount, blackjack did not favor the advantage of the casino..

It was then that the CSMs intervened, especially in the early 2000s! Since their introduction on the blackjack tables, the cards are automatically shuffled between each round. What distort the game and avoid the systematic counting of players.

The duel between the players and the CSMs

Blackjack players have three complaints about these shuffling machines:

  • Firstly, it would seem that the use of this system does not stimulate conviviality between the players around the game table. Indeed, since the cards are shuffled automatically, there is no longer any downtime in the game. moment when the croupier was beating his game. Blackjack enthusiasts therefore claim that a CSM considerably degrades the atmosphere of the table.
  • Subsequently, it would seem that a continuous shuffler devalues ​​the dealer, who sees his role and function diminish. Psychologically, the credibility of the dealer is declining, since the machine completely replaces its main task..
  • Finally, all blackjack players agree that CSMs could contain an internal system that puts them at a disadvantage during a game..

Rumors and suspicions of cheating

This last point, which we will discuss, has been the subject of a certain controversy which has lasted for many years. In all likelihood, and some rumors that have been proven, continuous card mixers would have an optical lens for the purpose of reading cards. Thus, the system would be able to identify the cards in order to then distribute a game that will benefit the dealer, and therefore the establishment..

Conversely, casino operators defend themselves in their own way by ensuring that CSMs stimulate the profitability of the game by accelerating a game and therefore a greater number of players, bets and therefore winnings for the establishment. Still, a boycott assured by the players has considerably reduced the use of these machines for shuffling the cards. !

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