Live blackjack: best casinos and games to play with a live dealer

Live blackjack

Adept of online casino games available on the net, do you know the live blackjack? This version of blackjack guarantees benefits. Do not wait another second to discover this game reworked to provide you with a new version of the classic blackjack. All information on the live blackjack are here.

Play live blackjack at the best casinos around
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✅ What is live blackjack online ?

There are many games with live versions that are explicitly defined by their real character. You are probably already a fan of these web version games in a reliable online casino, but do you know the Live blackjack? Or in other words, the art of beating the dealer at home. Online blackjack is, in fact, a version of blackjack played from your computer. What to combine online experience and real services for the most optimal player satisfaction. Just like the traditional playable game in physical version, the croupier deals the cards to each player. The rules remain unchanged, your main objective will be to get as close as possible to the number 21 without ever exceeding it! A unique experience from the best land-based casinos operating on the web.

Discover all the detailed operation below ⬇️⬇️:

✅ How the Live online blackjack casino works ?

Just like the traditional version, live casino blackjack obeys the same rules, here is a reminder of those rules:

  • 1) Each player receives two cards, the dealer also receives two at the end of the deal.
  • 2) Depending on the cards you have just obtained, you will have to choose between taking a card, doing nothing, splitting your deck or giving up.
  • 3) The goal here is to get as close as possible to the number 21 without ever going beyond it. If you exceed it, you lose. The dealer must never be less than 17 points to win, which implies gambling obligations on your part..
  • 4) If you get the score closest to 21 or 21, you win the game. All players are allies against the dealer.

A repeat for the regulars of casinos but which will surely allow you to leave your blackjack table with the best gains

✅ Where can I play Live Blackjack USA ?

There are hundreds of platforms offering live Blackjack USA games but rest assured, we have selected the best for you to provide you with a complete range. Here they are in detail here:

  • Cresus casino : the best of online blackjack from this green interface offering a pleasant version of live blackjack online.
  • Magical Spin : meet in this fantastic universe to enjoy the best live blackjack games. A bonus of 3200 $awaits you for your entry, do not wait any longer !
  • Lucky8 : whose literal translation turns out to be "lucky" will take you to the heart of this live online blackjack. A bonus of 200 $awaits you for your debut.

You are now more than informed about the different platforms that can best accommodate you in this long quest for gain.

Top 5 online casinos to play live blackjack
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Cresus Casino $300
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Lucky 31 150$
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Unique Casino $200+ 20 Free Spins
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Kings Chance $10,000+ 120 Free Spins
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Harlequin $30010 free spins
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✅ What are the live blackjack bonuses ?

A topic that online casino players love the most, what casino bonus will be usable in live blackjack? Just as traditional online casino platforms are used to doing, you will be eligible for many bonuses. We detail all these exclusive bonuses here:

  • The welcome bonus : nothing like it for all newcomers and beginners to blackjack. Get the hang of it by earning a starting bonus. The latter can range from 50 to 3000 $depending on the site. It will guarantee you many training sessions without too much apparent stress.
  • The deposit bonus : choose your bet up to a certain threshold defined by the online casino brand. Your bet is generally doubled or even tripled according to the proposals made by the online casino site.
  • The no deposit bonus : ideal for getting your hands on blackjack, it will allow you to play without depositing any money! The only negative point is the low amount you can get.

All these bonuses generally offered by online casino interfaces will allow you to get your hands on live blackjack online..

✅ On which games will I beat the live blackjack dealer ?

In this final section, we'll show you which variants of blackjack games you can try. These live games are based on the same principle as online dealer blackjack but differ in some ways. Here are the games here:

  • The "red and black blackjack" : the rule is simple, you bet on the suit of the first card received by the croupier. This variant can be interesting for players who are fond of roulette and its "Live dealer".
  • The "blackjack over 13" : bet on the value of your first two cards. This version spices up your games while allowing you to collect maximum winnings.
  • The "Royal match blackjack": similar to "red and black blackjack" since it will allow you in this case to bet on the suit of your cards and not those of the croupier. Recommended alternative for the more daring of gamers.
  • The "spanish 21" : the more complicated Spanish version removes the "10" cards from the game. A disadvantage for the players but compensated by better bonuses awarded.

These versions, although different in some respects, keep the same guideline: approach 21, beat the Live Blackjack Dealer and win winnings. !


& # x2705; Why play live blackjack ?

You prefer to play against a dealer while staying at home ? ➞ Play live

You play blackjack online, but want more in-game interaction ? ➞ Play live

Play like in a casino while taking advantage of advantageous bonuses ? ➞ Play live

& # x1F0CF; What are the best live blackjack games ?

Among the famous live blackjack games that you can find at casinos, you will find:

  • Classic Blackjack
  • Power Blackjack
  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Blackjack Silver
  • Blackjack Party

Many more.

& # x1f3c5; Where to play live blackjack ?

The best casinos to play live blackjack in 2021 are:

3 - Lucky8

2 - Magical spin

1 - Cresus Casino.

Discover the top 5.

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