Blackjack player: the different profiles of blackjack players

Blackjack player profile

Blackjack players are sometimes victims of prejudices, which are often synonymous with bad interpretations. In order not to fall into preconceived ideas that could transform the way you approach a game or an opponent, find out thanks to this guide the different player profiles.

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The world of blackjack is made up of many different personalities, both in attitudes and characters. Between players who calculate their budget precisely or those who believe in their luck factor (lucky charms, astrology, etc.), you will never miss an opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the different styles of players..

For more details, we will show you 4 interesting and recurring profiles around the tables. Maybe you will recognize yourself or think about one of your opponents! With the increasing number of blackjack fans, your analytical skills and your chances of winning will depend on your understanding of your opponent..


As in all areas, there are the best elements. In blackjack too, you might be able to come across one of these legends! The most legendary players have marked the history of gambling, through their talent or their incredible technique. These players are now part of the Hall of Fame blackjack, that is to say, the pantheon of players! The best players have won staggering amounts of money from blackjack and therefore have a fairly large bank account. While waiting to become one of the legends of the card game, did you know that all the best players train in online casinos? ?

The ambitious

Everyone is afraid of ambitious players! Respected in the blackjack world for their daring but also reckless character, these blackjack players passionately bet their money and are never afraid of failure. Ready to win by any means, the ambitious never skimp on the means to win a game, even if it means wagering incredible sums at their own risk. While these players have a mind of steel, nothing can stop them so their quality can also become a flaw. Indeed, by pushing your limits, it is sometimes possible to lose everything. However, their risk-taking often allows them to defeat their opponents. !

The math

They are the heirs of Edward O. Thorp, author of the book "Beat the Dealer"! Due to their taste for statistics and probability, mathematicians have an essential asset: their ability to count cards. Thus, they are endowed with an exceptional memory which allows them to guess the play present in the shoe. Able to minimize the risks, or on the contrary, to bet at the best time, these players are the real dangers for the casinos. !

The observers

As the number of watchers dwindle day by day, as they are labeled as unfair and disrespectful by land-based casinos, these players are still to be feared. Thanks to a great talent for analysis and observation, these players always remain attentive to the games of their opponents. Thus, observers frequently win since they never take action without certainty. They are nevertheless dependent on the failure of their opponents !

You want to improve your skills at blackjack ?

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