True count blackjack: another technique to hold cards

True count blackjack

In USA, the "True Count" means the "Real Account". You will finally determine your exact odds of winning a game of blackjack. Unlike card counting, True Count is a technique additional that allows you to be precise. Win your games with the Technical True Count !

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What is the True Count ?

While the game of blackjack was not really popular in American casinos, it was the mathematician, Thorp, who popularized a technique for winning many wins through card counting. As a result, players have flocked to take advantage of this "house" advantage. However, this scientist had not predicted the response of the casinos, which rushed to find strategies to counter the card-counting players. So today you will notice that a dealer can use multiple decks of cards in a single game of blackjack. The True Count technique therefore aims to adapt the card counting to this new factor.

As you will be dealing with several decks of 52 cards, your count of the remaining cards in the shoe may turn out to be inaccurate or less accurate. The True Count technique therefore allows you to take into account the different decks of cards still present inside the shoe. In itself, True Count is not a strategy, but rather a technique to refine the counting of players' cards. You must therefore rigorously master the previous strategies that we have revealed to you in our strategies section..

How to use this technique ?

To simply use the True Count technique, you will have to try to find out how many decks of cards are still in the dealer's shoe. To do this, you can:

  • count cards which will be dealt always knowing that the dealer will have two cards, just like your opponents around the table. You will therefore have to count, one by one, the cards drawn to determine when a new deck will be used. Gold up to 52.
  • observe the thickness of the deck of cards in the shoe and compare it with the number of cards drawn. This method is less precise than the first, but easier to set up.

Thereafter, there is a small calculation formula to perform to refine your card counting. You must divide the total count (also called the running count) by the number of decks of cards inside the shoe.

Mastering the True Count with flying colors

True Counting is therefore a technique that increases your chances of winning by counting cards. Unlike conventional calculations, you will bring better precision to your result since the True Count takes into account the different decks of cards present in the shoe..

In order to master all these strategies for counting cards and these exceptional techniques, we recommend that you play at an online casino. On the internet, you will have much more time to learn these methods at your own pace. In addition, there are free games that allow you to practice without risking losing money..

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