Blackjack Insurance: Is It Worth It? ?

Blackjack insurance

The table game blackjack, which has been around for centuries, still attracts so many players. There are two main reasons for this popularity. The first being that gambling is among the most profitable casino games. And second, using strategies players can decrease the house advantage. As a strategy we have card counting, true counting and insurance and here is our guide to it..

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What is blackjack insurance ?

Insurance blackjack prevents players from losing their entire stake when they feel they are going to win against the dealer. Indeed, it is a paid action that will immunize it in the event that the dealer has an Ace or Jack hand. This option is unfortunately not free, the player will have to pay half the amount of his initial stake to activate the insurance of his stake.

Not all blackjack tables have this feature. We therefore advise you to check carefully before taking any other action.

If blackjack is still new to you, you can practice using it on free online casino games first. And of course, do not hesitate to consult the rules blackjack.

Note that the term in English is Surrender

How to use insurance in blackjack ?

To use this insurance in the best and effective way there are a few tips to know. Before listing these tips for you, we would like to inform you that even if the dealer draws an Ace or Jack, nothing guarantees that he will blackjack. Indeed, there is onlyone in 10 chance that his next card is a complementary pair.

Here is a list of rules to be aware of:

  • The blackjack insurance option is not to be used at all times. This is an escape route if you are in danger when the dealer draws an Ace or Jack.
  • When the player wants to use blackjack insurance, he has to pay half of his stake to the casino bank. The tokens are to be placed on the "Insurance" line on the game table.
  • If the dealer wins the game with blackjack, the rule is that the player's initial bet will be lost. However, the value of the insurance is returned to the player's bankroll..
  • If the dealer does not have a hand totaling 21, the player wins the game. The player therefore recovers his initial bet with his winnings, but the money for the insurance is lost..
  • The worst case scenario is when the dealer loses his game and the dealer does not blackjack. In this case you will lose your insurance and bet.

What are the risks of blackjack insurance ?

This is a decision that should not be taken lightly because it can cost you money. Unfortunately, when you are playing you only have a few seconds to make your choice. It is for this reason that we encourage you to practice online casino games. free if this strategy interests you initially. If you don't like free games, the second solution is to play with a bonus in which case you may have won with a promo code.

Blackjack being a game of chance, you will never be able to guess which cards will come out of the shoe. This is a double-edged sword. In the long term, players will take a lot of risks with their euros.

When you look at the statistics for blackjack insurance, it turns out that there is only a 30.77% chance of winning on your bet. Which is a very low rate. It would be annoying to find yourself in a situation where you lose and no gain is made and on top of that you lose your insurance money.

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