The best players in the history of blackjack

Best blackjack players

Blackjack is a very famous table game. By the simplicity of its rules, but also by the players who were able to find the fortune thanks to effective techniques. Back on the greatest players that the black valet saw scroll !

The 70's: birth of 2 great players

Ken uston is certainly the most famous blackjack player in the world. This American is known to have an IQ of 169 (as much as A. Einstein or S. Hawking), but also to have established techniques of card counting.

Don Johnson [...] raised over $ 15.1 million !

K. Uston was so good at this game in casinos that he was forced to change establishments regularly in view of the profits it generated. Other establishments have even banned him from entering. Not himself allowing him to be done, he attacked them in court, justice which proved him right and allowed him to return to the gambling houses..

In 1970, he met Al USAsco alias "The godfather of blackjack" and integrates him into his team. A. USAsco is an American who was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. This exceptional player is at the origin of certain techniques such as "The Great Player" or "Ace sequencing". Today USAsco focuses on horse racing.

Best blackjack players

The future generations

With the influence of the two men previously seen, blackjack began to grow more and more until it hit the screens. Indeed, the player John chang, former MIT team manager inspired the story of the movie "Las Vegas 21" starring Kevin Spacey.

Other character, James grosjean. This professional player was primarily interested in video poker as well as blackjack. He is the youngest member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and, in the casino world, is regarded as the best ever.

We will finish by talking to you about Don johnson, not to be confused with the actor. This character came to prominence in 2008, some time after the financial crisis. Indeed, he is reputed to have beaten the casinos of Atlantic City because, in 6 months, he produced over $ 15.1 million.

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