Ken Uston: the genius behind card counting

Ken Uston during a game of blackjack in a casino

For counting cards in blackjack, there is nothing better than relying on theories developed by the world's greatest strategists, who have designed, tested and approved their theories. THE benchmark in this area is Ken Uston. Here we present to you who this great player is and how he came to revolutionize the world of blackjack..

His life

Be careful, we are not talking about ordinary people when we talk about Ken Uston. With a IQ of 169, this great genius having entered Yales at only 16 - then Harvard - had a bright future ahead of him.

He soon became fascinated by game theory and made his team debut with other professional players as accomplices. He started in Las Vegas where he and his clique were excluded after having cashed tens of thousands of dollars. He then moved to a new playing field: Atlantic City where he operated from 1976.

He sued Resorts International for denying him access to his Sin City casinos, arguing that it was not legal to exclude players who did not cheat but used their intellectual abilities. Since his lawsuit, gambling dens have made counting more difficult by shuffling cards more often and using more decks than before..

His influence in blackjack

Uston has published a large number of books presenting his theories. Between Million Dollar Blackjack, Ken Uston on Blackjack, The Big Player and Two Books on Blackjack, you already have many hours of reading in front of you ...

His genius idea inspired by Al USAsco with whom he collaborated was as follows: several players were seated at different tables and counting cards while playing in the normal way. When one of them came up with an overwhelmingly positive result, he would quietly wave at the "Big Player" - another player on the team who had previously kept a low profile - to join the table in question to bet big..

Towards the end of his career, he worked alone and of course had to use multiple disguises in order to be able to enter gambling houses which excluded him one after the other across the planet..

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