English blackjack vocabulary: 25 words in English to win your games !

English blackjack vocabulary

As you must have read in our previous columns, blackjack has grown considerably in the United States. By this heritage, you will have to familiarize yourself with the English terms which are very often present in online games or even in land-based casinos.

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Find all the definitions of English terms that surround your game of blackjack !

In order to fully understand the rules revealed by the croupier or by the software on the internet, we recommend that you learn a few words in English. Thanks to our glossary, you will benefit from a significant advantage around the blackjack table! Rest assured, the language of Shakespeare is not that hard to learn, especially when you are learning it for a good cause: winning the blackjack jackpot !

Words in alphabetical orderDefinitions
Anchor / 3rd Base This word designating the player seated to the dealer's right.
BankrollThis represents the amount of money the player wants to play blackjack.
Back-countRefers to players who count cards, but who do not play during the game of blackjack.
BlackjackPure translation: the black valet. It is also the name of the game that corresponds to the highest hand, two cards that have a total sum of 21 points.
Break / BustWhen the player jumps, his hand has exceeded the total value of 21 points.
Burn cardThis is the English translation of the burnt cards. These are the first cards excluded by the dealer when starting the game.
Card countingIt is simply the counting of the cards, that is to say the fact of deducing whether the cards still present in the shoe will benefit the player or not.
Complementary / CompRepresents the bonuses offered to players in land-based casinos, but especially online.
Continuous Shuffle Machine / CSMThis is the equivalent of the continuous card shuffler. There is no discount in order to avoid card counting.
DealerRepresents the dealer, or the dealer. It is also frequently used in USA.
DeckRefers to the deck of cards.
Double / Double downIt is the act of doubling your initial bet in exchange for an additional card.
Even moneyYou will immediately cash out your winnings when the dealer deals you natural blackjack and has an Ace.
Face cardsRepresents figures, and therefore: jacks, ladies and kings.
Face down gameRefers to a game where the cards are dealt upside down, so face down.
First BaseConversely to 3rd Base, this is the player to the left of the dealer.
Gorilla Big Player / GBPIn a team game, it is the player who bets large sums without knowing how to count cards.
Heads up / Heads OnDuring this type of game, you will play face-to-face with the dealer. No other player is present at the same table.
HitIt's the act of drawing a card.
House percentageRepresents the interest rate for the casino, or rather, the house edge.
InsuranceIt is the action of placing insurance. When the dealer shows you an Ace, you can secure your game by betting only half of your first bet.
Preferential ShufflingWhen he deems a game too favorable to the players, the dealer may ask for a shuffle of the cards..
ShoeThis is the box where the cards are stored, equivalent to the shoe in USA.
Stand / StayThe player decides to stay and does not ask for any additional cards, satisfied with his game.
SurrenderWhen you are going to give up a game and lose half of your initial bet.

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