USA blackjack vocabulary: 23 definitions to win a game !

USA blackjack vocabulary

Do you dream of winning your best bet in online blackjack to win a big jackpot? This is possible by having the necessary knowledge ! Therefore, we offer you a lexicon of vocabulary in USA, used in the best games of blackjack..

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All definitions of blackjack vocabulary in USA

From the log, to the hoof, passing by the heel, you will not be able to miss any more an opportunity to win. Indeed, this glossary can help you better understand your first online game. So don't wait any longer and discover all the blackjack jargon in the USA language !

Words in alphabetical orderDefinitions
To give upIt's the right to give up on the first deal. When the dealer deals the first 2 cards, you can get half of your bet back..
AssuranceWhen the dealer has an Ace, you can make a side bet. In the event of dealer blackjack, you can recover this second bet, but lose the amount of the original bet..
BlackjackWhen you do blackjack, the two cards in your hand are worth a total of 21 points.
LogIt's a card worth 10 points, i.e. 10, Jack, Queen and King.
Burnt cardsThese are the first five cards of the shoe that the dealer excludes from the game.
CaseRectangular or circular in shape, this is a marked area on the table where the player places their bet. Generally, there are 7 of them on a table and a player can bet on several boxes..
Card countingA method of calculation to determine if the cards present in the shoe will benefit the player or the casino. According to a coefficient of probability, it is possible to count the cards to determine its stake.
GivenThese are the first 2 cards dealt by the croupier to the players.
GiverThe croupier dealer.
DoubleThe player can multiply his bet by two in exchange for an additional card.
EqualityYou get a total of points equivalent to that of the dealer. You don't lose, but you don't win either.
Continuous card shufflerElectronic system that dispenses and shuffles cards without discount. This machine prevents card counting.
NaturalThis is the equivalent of blackjack, two cards representing 21 points.
PointYour hand represents a total between 17 and 21.
RackThe croupier places the cards already played.
Refuse / stayThe player does not ask for any additional cards and wishes to keep his result.
RigidYour hand is not an Ace or your Ace is worth only one point.
HoofThis is where the deal cards are located. It can contain several packs of cards, i.e. usually 312 cards.
To shareThe player can split their initial pair of cards into two different hands, in exchange for an additional bet which is equivalent to that second hand..
SoftIt is the reverse of the rigid hand. Your ace is worth 1 or 11.
Jump / ExitYou lose your hand by going over 21.
HeelIt is the great synonym of the shoe, that is to say the box which groups together the cards to be dealt by the croupier.
To sweaterThe player asks the dealer for an additional card.

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